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Since the Republic of Kazakhstan for the most part consists of - steppes and deserts, and is characterized by unfavorable water saturation of space - the water quality is very poor in most cities of Kazakhstan.


The urban population is already accustomed to using filtered water for drinking (Shipping bottle water, water filters in the kitchen, etc.), we still use tap water to wash our hair. Drying skin on the body can be moistened with special creams, what to do with the hair? Moisturizing balms can help for the first time, but eventually this is not enough. Dried hair become thin and brittle, and in some cases they already starting to fall out.

Having studied the world experience we have come to the conclusion that not all methods and treatments of this problem suitable for the population of Kazakhstan, in relation to climate, genes and other conditions, structure of peoples  hair in our country has certain properties and is different from the others. By the type of hair and its structure, closest to us Japanese, Koreans and of course the Eastern Europeans hair.

Based on this analysis, we have concluded that experts from South Korea have the maximum accumulated competence on this issue, due to unfavorable environmental conditions and water quality residents of large cities in South Korea like no one other daily faced with the problem of hair loss and for the most part successfully solve it. Centers for the treatment of hair problems received distribution throughout South Korea; they can be compared with the number of ordinary beauty salons. Vast experience was accumulated, collected and structured knowledge, which employees of Hair Health Center «HAIRLINE» carefully studied during training in Seoul, capital of South Korea.
Hair Health Center «HAIRLINE» is the first step to a strong, beautiful, healthy hair without any problems. The presence of modern equipment from South Korea, as well as a trained and certified staff of Hair Health Center «HAIRLINE» will help you pass this way faster and more reliable.
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Hair Health Center «HAIRLINE»
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I would like to thank all the specialists of the Hair Health Center HAIR LINE for effective course of treatment, attention, benevolent and friendly approach. And of course for their professionalism!
I would like to thank specialists from Hair Health Center HAIRLINE for helping me solve my problem with my hair and bringing back my confidence and the ability to enjoy life. From my own experience I am convinced that you have to turn to professionals.
Every morning when I woke up, instead of greeting a new day with the smile, I was afraid to look at my pillow. How much more hair have I lost during the night? I would like to thank girls from HAIR LINE for stopping this madness. From now on I will visit
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Promptly remove static from the hair helps plain water and mineral better.
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