Frequently asked questions
Question: It is believed that only genes of a mother have an impact on hair loss.
Answer: This is not really true. Hereditary hair loss can be transferred by any of the parents, but most strong influence has genes from the mother. Scientists cannot explain how it happens.
Question: If you wash your hair too often it can lead to baldness?
Answer: False. Frequent shampooing does not affect the hereditary hair loss. But it is important that everyone have to treat their hair.
Question: Blow-drying my hair may lead to hair loss?
Answer: False. But blow-drying can damage your hair, which leads to hair loss. If you suffer from hereditary hair loss, new hair that grows are usually thinner and often less visible than those that they replace.
Question: I've heard that the average loss of 40-100 hairs per day is normal - then they grow back?
Answer: True. This is true for people who do not suffer from male baldness, and the hairs that fall out will soon be replaced by new ones. If you suffer from hereditary hair loss in place of a hair that fell out new one will grow, but thinner and shorter. Eventually, the hair follicle will close and hair will not grow.
Question: Can I increase the number of follicles on the head with medication?
Answer: False. There are currently no product on the market that could change the number of hair follicles on the head. The number of hair follicles cannot be controlled - it is hereditary.
Question: If I shave or trim my hair - they will grow faster and thicker?
Answer: Each hair grows at an average of 1 centimeter per month. It is known that every hair is thicker the base compared with the tip, so if the hair is cut in a week bases they will grow more dense. However, if the hair is not trimmed it has absolutely no effect on the thickness of each hair or amount of hair on the head.
Question: It is said that bald men are more courageous.
Answer: This is not quite true. The belief that baldness makes a man manlier than a man with a full head of hair, is unfortunately wrong.
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I would like to thank all the specialists of the Hair Health Center HAIR LINE for effective course of treatment, attention, benevolent and friendly approach. And of course for their professionalism!
This is my third procedure and this the only place where I’ve got real help with my horrible case of dandruff. Finally I can wear dark clothes. Thanks allot! I will visit you again to get a haircut. This place rocks!
I never thought that I would have to face the problem of hair loss. But happened and thank God that I saw the advertisement on the display near Keruen and came to HAIR LINE. First I reacted with skepticism, but the first results did not keep me waiting!
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