Hair health treatment
Hair health treatment
As you know, the best way of treatment of disease is early prevention. Thorough care (treatment) and prevention are key components in stopping serious hair loss. But if it is already late to for that-welcome to our Hair Health Centre «HAIR LINE»!
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Hair transplantation
Hair transplantation
Hair transplantation involves transplantation of a persons own hair to the bare areas of the head, from the donor areas of the head (back of the head (nape) and sides sections of the head (temple area). Existing follicles from the donor areas are always h
Our center, along with an advanced clinic in Georgia - Talizi (Official partner of our clinic), uses a unique hair transplantation technology - follicular hair transplantation.
The use of hair grafts containing 1-3 follicles provides a natural look and a maximum density of the transplanted hair. The high professionalism of our team of doctors and nurses, latest atraumatical hair transplantation technology, and the use of modern equipment, allows us to perform high volume (more than 5,000 grafts) hair transplants in a single procedure.
The procedure is performed in ambulatory care clinic, under local anesthesia, completely painless to the patient. Operation time depends on the number of transplanted hair grafts and in average performed in 2-6 hours. The patient is seated in a comfortable chair, and can watch TV, or listen to music. Periodically, the patient is given rest time. In short, all the manipulations of hair transplant usually take place almost painlessly for the patient. One day after the transplantation the patient can wash his hair with shampoo and participate in an active life. The growth of new hair will start in 2-3 months and will continue throughout later life.
Discounts are available right now, and you can become even more beautiful and healthier! All questions can be addressed by the following phone: +7 702 8216361 +7 (7172) 572888
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In the dermatocosmetology sphere of responsibility lay problems such as age (pigment) spots, spider veins, acne, scars, stretch marks, excessive oiliness of the skin, dry and loose skin, warts, wrinkles, under-eye circles, etc.

• Cleaning

  - Mechanical

  - Ultrasound

• Treatment of acne

• Care:

  - Sculptural massage

  - Cosmetic massage

  - Complete Care

  - Hand Care

  - Lifting Care

  - Special care for men


• Therapeutic Mesotherapy

Vitamins +  Antibiotics+ trace elements


• Peeling


• Correction of facial wrinkles Newronox



• Diamond Microdermabrasion


- Contour facial gel (filler Teosyal etc., produced in Switzerland)

- The nasolabial folds

- Nasolacrimal rut

- Lip augmentation


• Rejuvenating Mesotherapy


• Biorevitalization

• Bioporation


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Barber Shop
Barber Shop
Our hairdressers have following specializations: Male and female haircuts specialist; Hair coloring Specialist (hair stylist-colorist); Women hairstyles specialist (female master);


Health Center Hair "HAIR LINE" is pleased to offer you the following services of hair salon:


- Hair-stylist services;

- Model hairstyles: men, women, children;

- Laying and hairstyles: evening, wedding, modern and classic;

- Modern techniques of coloring;

- As well as weaving, hair straightening, perming;

- Highlighting, coloring, Ombre;

- Hair extensions;

- Spa care;


- Oxygen saturation and many other services.

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Manicures and pedicures
Manicures and pedicures
Hair Health Center "HAIR LINE" provides quality services in the field of nail service. Caring for the hands and feet is a pleasant necessity and a guarantee of health.

- Classic cut manicure 

- Male manicure

- Spa Care

- Gel coating

- Children's manicure

- Pedicure

- Design

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Lash-maker services
Lash-maker services
Lash-maker - a new profession in the beauty industry. Lash-maker – is an Eyelash master and all of procedures related to the decor of your eyes.

- Eyebrow correction
- Eyebrows and eyelashes coloring
- Semi-permanent coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes
- Eyelashes extension
- Increasing the beam eyelashes
- Perming eyelashes
- Increasing silk, mink eyelashes
- Thread correction of eyebrows 
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Client feedback
Thank you for the tact and great result that excided my expectations.
I would like to thank specialists from Hair Health Center HAIRLINE for helping me solve my problem with my hair and bringing back my confidence and the ability to enjoy life. From my own experience I am convinced that you have to turn to professionals.
I come to you in desperation from the condition of my hair. There were a lot of reasons and causes. I would like to thank the team of Hair Health Center HAIR LINE for their patience, professionalism and individual approach. A huge special thanks to Aizhan
HAIR LINE advice:
Choose carefully comb - brush with natural bristles on wooden handles.
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